Monday, March 22, 2010

The Socialists Won A Battle; Now It is Our Turn

This passionate article was written by Dana Loesch and posted at biggovernment.  I offer a small quote here, please click the linked title and read the entire thing.  It is well worth the time; I hope you will be inspired to act as I was.
How many men and women have shed blood for this country? How many patriots took to the streets to defend this country blessed by God? Don’t you dare give up, patriots. Don’t you dare make their sacrifices in vain because you’re afraid of battle. Take no prisoners, suffer no fools, never surrender.

What – you thought you get this land scott-free? Liberty is never fully paid off and to be deserving of it one must be willing to fight for it on the battlefield, in the halls of congress, by involving yourselves in your communities. Such a struggle is not a burden, it is a privilege.

How bad do you want liberty? I’ve received several emails from folks who’ve said that they’re ready to move, to leave the country, and give up. I received an email the other day from a woman named Melanie who confessed that she just “doesn’t have time to get involved.” During a conversation about precinct captains with a gentleman at a recent protest, I was told that the commitment “sounds like too much time.”

My reply:

Get out.

Get out of my country any freeloader who possesses such an attitude, you betrayers of conservatism, of liberty. How dare you claim the belief of self-sustenance and individualism while warming your hands by another patriot’s fire, living off the fat of another patriot’s blood, sweat, and tears. As I said on my radio program last week: any one who dares call themselves a patriot and refuses to commit to maintaining their country’s liberty can burn in hades with the socialists who’ve jeopardized our children’s futures.

 Please click the link to read the entire thing; this article is a must-read. Amazing piece of writing, says what I wish I had the eloquence to say. If you read it there, you see my heart. Time to stand up and be counted, stand up and do something that counts.

Revolution is not easy. Revolution is painful. Generations of people have spilled their blood protecting the great gift of liberty that we have enjoyed. To let it slip away is to spit upon the sacrifices made in generations before us. It means something to me. I will be setting afoot for the Liberty Tree. Join me.

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