Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Well What Do You Know...

I just got some blood test results back from my doctor. I've been wondering about some things affecting my family health, and one issue many family members seem to have is a bad reaction to wheat.

I have low levels of some celiac antibodies, and one of the lower-risk celiac genes. My kids probably got that gene and another from their dad. Studying up on it a little more.

Going to BEG for a gene test for my mom who has unexplained deficiencies in some vitamins, an unresponsive anemia, and hypoparathyroidism without any known cause.

I got trounced pretty hard for suggesting an 83-year old might be newly diagnosed with celiac disease. Not so unlikely now that she could have it. Then there is this. Not to mention the mouth ulcers she started having with the onset of her other problems. They didn't respond to any treatment, and lasted much longer than normal canker sores, and she was never one to have them anyway. Guess what? Looks like more celiac connections. Or at the very least, non-celiac gluten intolerance.

I'm praying her new doc (geriatric specialist) will dig in and do her best to help mom, not just write her off as an "old lady" and a "waste of time". If you are reading this, and a praying person, please, would you offer up a prayer for Mom? I will be in your debt.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Religion of Peace and Sharia

I've been wandering around the Internet this morning, picking up tidbits of news here and there.  One of the issues that rises to the top today is the proliferation of stories about "honor killing".  For those who may not know, honor killing occurs mainly in that middle-eastern religion that...umm...I dare not name for fear of insulting it!

I'm guessing it's not the number of honor killings that is increasing, just the awareness.  And America had better become aware before it's too late, because the radical Islamists are bringing it stealthily closer to us every day.

My point here is to call attention to one story, in which is seems obvious that the American legal system is caving in to this religion.  Please read this story (***warning***  there are graphic pictures of a violently killed person) and also read this one.  OH, and this one, about a 13-year old girl brutally attacked by her cousin.

It is happening over and over again, and the mainstream media simply will not report it. If they do, they gloss it over and blame emotion rather than ideology.  It is the result of people who adhere to the ideas of sharia.

Then, please go read about the Sharia here.  Then decide if you can really believe that allowing the incursion of sharia law into the United States is really something we want to do.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reading Again

I haven't read for pleasure in quite some time although the reading I have been doing for school is not altogether unpleasant. I am challenging myself to read more; not just read, but read with attention.

I have been inspired by my daughter, who loves to read and just completed her Bachelor's Degree in English. I am also inspired by my own literature course taken this past Spring. I read selections from a variety of authors, some of whom I liked and some of whom I didn't, but I enjoyed the analytical thought process I was forced to apply in order to get a grade. It is like exercise for the brain!

I didn't think I could do it at my age but I think there's some life left in my neurons, so now I am venturing out independently.

The first book of my new phase is Bleak House by Charles DickensMy daughter studied that one in a literature class and recommended it as a first go at Dickens.  Well, not really my first go, I did after all read Christmas Carol

I'll get some reading under my belt and maybe I'll blog a little about it.  So far it looks like a fun book.