Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I *LOVE* My Water Heater (NOT!)

Today begins week two of the newest family adventure with plumbing. Last week we got up Monday morning to take showers and prepare for school, only to discover that the pilot light on our water heater had gone out. Couldn't get it to stay on.

I called a plumber to look at it as my resident plumbing expert, my husband, was out of town. The plumber thought the gas valve was bad, and offered to change it for $397.00. That is not small change! I can buy a NEW water heater for that kind of money! The plumber offered to install a new water heater for roughly $900.00. I politely declined saying I needed to speak with my husband before making a decision.

Unfortunately my husband was not due back in town until Thursday night.

We took a few cold showers last week, not fun!

Dear husband got home Thursday night, went right out to the garage and tried to light the pilot. The darned thing fired right up and stayed on all weekend!

Well, my husband took off on Sunday and when I got home from taking him to the airport I prepared to get into the shower. No hot water. The pilot was out again. And has been out since, it will NOT stay lit. Go figure.

We have a repair kit from the Whirlpool company (not the refrigerator people, but a division of AO Smith I am told) because there was a class action lawsuit and worldwide recall of these heaters for this very problem. We won't get the new part installed until next weekend.

In the meantime, more cold showers. Brrrrr....

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