Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is The President a US Citizen or Is He Not?

Probably in the technical sense, but barely.

I was cruising around the Internet this morning, drinking my morning coffee, chatting with my daughter via instant messenger.  Dear Daughter sent me a link to a blog titled "Do Not Tread On Us".  I read the article my daughter had linked to, which describes why liberals don't do well in political arguments.  I then poked around the blog to find out a little more about the writer.  Buried was an older post about Barry Obama Soetero, our illustrious president dictator.  This referenced the idea that a school in which Barry had been enrolled released documents in 2007 showing that indeed, Barry might NOT be a real citizen.  I stepped into that pile of goo a little late!  It's an idea that has been floating a long time, but I've ignored.

Well, I think the "birth" part has been debunked, he seems to have been born in Hawaii after all.  But is a real American only that because of his place of birth?  I think not.  The American way, the American ideal, is an idea.  And Barack Obama was NOT raised with any sense of love for this country, patirotism, loyalty.

I started this post with the idea of pondering the question of Barry's citizenship, but posted before I researched.  I am re-posting without the "truther" CORRECTION: "birther" conspiracy.

I am thankful again to Atlas Shrugs for addressing this while I was still pondering.  Go read the article there titled "Going Home: Obama in Indonesia, A Third World Presidency".

Nails it down pretty well for me.

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