Thursday, October 21, 2010

More About Beer...

I heard a whisper somewhere on the Internet that Bard's Beer might be better than Red Bridge.  I set off to find a six-pack of Bard's.

I found one, next to, in fact, the Red Bridge display at my local purveyor of Good Things to Eat and Drink.

The next step was to take a sip from the bottle.  The step after that was to test the taste buds of the family beer gourmands. 

The vote came in with all thumbs up.  Bard's is an excellent gluten-free beer brewed from sorghum.  It is a bit heavier than Red Bridge which is a much lighter beer somewhat like a pilsner.

I'm not a beer-snob, I only drink it once in a while, but I can recommend both Bard's and Red Bridge as tasty and refreshing alternatives to beers derived from barley.

Look for them in a beer cooler near you!