Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AT&T Socks It To the Little People...Took My Money and Ran...

I am so frustrated right now!

My daughter has had an AT&T prepaid cell phone for three years now.  She pays for three months at a time most of the time, $25 bucks a hit.

She never used that much air time, it was an emergency phone, but to keep it alive you have to pay whether you use it or not.

This summer, in June, she received the notice that it was time to refill the phone.  She waited until July to pay, and paid at the end of the month, thinking she was within the 60-day period in which the phone would not be canceled on her.  She tried for a WEEK to make a payment, and the system gave her trouble, finally on July 30th she was able to get a payment into the system.

Well, they had killed her SIM card on July 29th according to one of the service reps.   Yet, the system took her payment, and a text response to the phone said it was applied to her account.

What the heck is THAT all about?


I called customer service and went through their automated system a couple of times, it couldn't find the wireless number and after advising me to "dial" 611 from the phone (can''s dead, you dolts!) the service hung up on me.

We went to a wireless store, they couldn't help either.  But, they graciously allowed us to use their phone to call customer service AGAIN.  Talked to a real person who couldn't help, said she'd connect me with someone who COULD.  I told her fine, just don't put me in the automated system because it always hangs up.

I waited 20 minutes on hold, then got dumped into the automated system AGAIN.

I went home, and called customer service again.  The person who answered could not help, could barely speak English, so I asked for a supervisor, preferably one with English as their first language.  PUT ON HOLD AGAIN!

Finally, sympathetic person who spoke good English came on, asked me for all the information, then put me on hold AGAIN.  Many minutes later, she comes back and says I need to talk to the payment center in order to get a refund.

I waited on hold AGAIN.  Finally a pleasant young woman spoke with me for a bit, went and tried to process a refund.  After a few MORE minutes on hold, she came back and told me she was very sorry, but AT&T has a "no-refund" policy and she couldn't process it through.  The "system" wouldn't let her.

So.  I was not asking for a "refund".  I was asking for money that they took, and didn't give me service for.  In fact, they took the money after I was, by their action, NO LONGER A CUSTOMER.

And they won't give it back.

Well, a lot of AT&T higher ups are going to hear from me.  And, I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER again be an AT&T customer.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bunny Grab - The New Tyranny

The idea that Americans are facing unaccustomed tyranny is uncomfortable. There are many events involving law enforcement that seem innocuous to the casual observer, but as we hear more and more of them we must begin to see these not-so-isolated events as something serious.

Recall with me the raw-milk raids on the Amish. Then think back recently to the massive fines threatened against a small family who sold a few to many bunnies.

Now there is the raid on a Colorado bunny farm in which a woman's life-work was stolen because of an anonymous telephone call to authorities by a group whose mission is similar to liberate all animals to live "wild and free".

I got news for you animal rights wackos, "wild and free" is incredibly cruel. Watch a few nature documentaries and maybe you'll realize that captivity is a good thing.

Debe Bell of Six Bell's Farm has had her rabbits stolen from her by law enforcement, and those bunnies are now up for adoption at the Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden, Colorado. Ms. Bell has had no hearing, no trial, her property has simply been confiscated.

Wake up people! This cannot be allowed to stand! Does anyone care about freedom anymore?

Make some noise about this. It is simply wrong.

Thanks to Frugal Café Blog Zone and to Bob McCarty Writes for featuring this story. I haven't seen it anywhere else.



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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London Burns..

Some good stuff at Blackfive today.

One of the better treatments of the rioting that is happening in UK.

Click here to read it. And get ready for it in the USA.

Stock up on essentials, if you know what I mean.