Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oregon Stupidity Multiplied

Oregon voters passed two measures this week that will increase taxes on business and so-called "rich" people. "Rich" is not limited to those making over $250,000, the number bandied about by supporters. The tax on people at that level is 11%, and the tax on people making $125,000 is going to be 10.8%. That is not statistically significant enough to say only the rich got smacked!

Class warfare is alive and well in the Beaver state.

What stupidity. I am ashamed to admit that I live in this wretched state. Where do these morons think businesses are going to get the money to pay the taxes? They are either going to cut their expenses (lay off workers), raise their prices or move out of state.

Will Oregon's new tax laws really generate the $733 million dollars everyone seems to think it will? Not if the targets get out of the line of fire they won't.

In another move of Oregon stupidity, the beloved governor has now been emboldened to seek ways to insure that Oregonians don't get any more "kicker" checks. The "kicker" is a rebate given to taxpayers when General Fund revenues exceed forecast by 2%. The governor is not satisfied with the big new taxes we just gave him, now he wants even more!

I don't see any hope of Tea Party type activism in Oregon. Time for us to flee while we can still get out of here. Time to flee before the state levies an exit tax.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Helping Haiti

The Anchoress over at the FirstThings blog has assembled a lovely list of organizations that are helping victims of the deadly, destructive earthquake that recently struck Haiti. I recognize many of them, and will support one or two of them. I will NOT support the Red Cross, I like others better.

It is always good to look at the finances of any organization you might consider supporting; one that sends most of it's funds right to their work is a good bet. Organizations with high fund-raising costs are not organizations I will support. It is also important to me that an organization's financial information be easily accessible to donors and potential donors.

I would add a couple of organizations (see below) to the Anchoress' list. A heads-up for Baptist Haiti Mission, they are primarily a Christian Education mission but look like they will be accountable to use earthquake relief funds for earthquake relief and they are already there in Haiti. I have included links to the financial pages for these groups, all post detailed reports and some have links to their federal form 990 if you really want to look them over.

  • Medical Teams International (LOW overhead at only 2.66%)
  • Baptist Haiti Mission (programs 90%, operations 10%)
  • Samaritan's Purse (overhead/fundraising 11%)
  • "It's The People's Seat!"

    Go, Scott, Go!

    Massachusetts is the place to watch this week, with two candidates fighting for the opportunity to fill the US Senate seat recently left vacant by the death of Senator Kennedy.

    Contrast the two videos immediately following; one an empty phone bank that should have been filled with people trying to get people out and voting for Democratic candidate Martha Coakley, the other a rally held January 17 for Republican Candidate Scott Brown.

    May the true Constitutionalist win!

    H/T to HotAir and Urban Infidel, a Hotair Commenter. Another to Sister Toldjah

    Thursday, January 07, 2010

    Obama Lies and More Lies

    There is a website out there that is tracking the long list of lies and broken promises offered by Obama political machine. Check it out at

    Obama Administration Lies, Broken Promises, Flip-Flops & Scandals - List Hits 900!

    Unbelievable to see so much all in one place. Spread the word.

    H/T to the Frugal Café Blogzone!