Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Cure That Kills

After a couple of days on the Cipro/Flagyl combination (actually the generics for those name-brands) I am in pretty bad shape.  Screaming headache, wiped out wanting to sleep all the time, not able to carry a lucid conversation, heart rhythms skipping all over the place.  I hope there's an alternative medication, I can't go a week like this.

I felt a whole lot better when I simply had the 101° fever and abdominal pain/pressure of diverticulitis.

Makes it all the more tempting to call my doc and beg them to cut out the offending part. If one were to ask me today about Paul's "thorn in the flesh", I would say it has to be diverticulitis.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Long Time No Talk To

It has been a while since I wrote.  I can't exactly say why, just very busy I suppose.  Being a full-time student and trying to look after my house and my animals is a hand full for sure.

I am discouraged today because I am back on antibiotics for diverticulitis.  I've managed well for 3 years, not had much in the way of trouble, this came out of the blue and I'm not sure why.  So this now puts me in the tiniest percentile of those who have a second diverticulitis attack.  Supposedly, it's only a tiny percentage of the ALREADY small percentage of those who have a FIRST attack. 

Wow.  I'm so fortunate!  I think I'll go sink a bunch of money in the lottery. 

Thinking I'll go see the gastroenterologist and find out about testing for celiac and wheat problems.  My son has a terrible time with the blistery rash on his hands that looks like either dermatitis herpetiformis or dishydrotic eczema.  Since he cannot afford to go to the doctor, I guess I'll be the lab rat.  I get the rash too, though not as badly as he.

Anyway, I feel lousy, in pain, low energy, and I'm off for now.

Just thought I'd vent a little, though I can see no one actually reads here!  I guess no one will come read if I don't write.