Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Well What Do You Know...

I just got some blood test results back from my doctor. I've been wondering about some things affecting my family health, and one issue many family members seem to have is a bad reaction to wheat.

I have low levels of some celiac antibodies, and one of the lower-risk celiac genes. My kids probably got that gene and another from their dad. Studying up on it a little more.

Going to BEG for a gene test for my mom who has unexplained deficiencies in some vitamins, an unresponsive anemia, and hypoparathyroidism without any known cause.

I got trounced pretty hard for suggesting an 83-year old might be newly diagnosed with celiac disease. Not so unlikely now that she could have it. Then there is this. Not to mention the mouth ulcers she started having with the onset of her other problems. They didn't respond to any treatment, and lasted much longer than normal canker sores, and she was never one to have them anyway. Guess what? Looks like more celiac connections. Or at the very least, non-celiac gluten intolerance.

I'm praying her new doc (geriatric specialist) will dig in and do her best to help mom, not just write her off as an "old lady" and a "waste of time". If you are reading this, and a praying person, please, would you offer up a prayer for Mom? I will be in your debt.


Republican Mother said...

Look into Spelt bread. It is a low-gluten bread that is super-yummy. You can see if that helps.

beachbirdie said...

I do love spelt bread! A dear friend of ours used to get terrible migraines from wheat, and she was able to end that by switching to spelt bread.

Right now I'm experimenting with getting seriously "glutened" to find out if it might be celiac or if it's just intolerance. If intolerance, I will enjoy using the spelt, but if celiac, even spelt will be off the menu because it has gluten. :-(

(sigh) I so love bread!