Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reading Again

I haven't read for pleasure in quite some time although the reading I have been doing for school is not altogether unpleasant. I am challenging myself to read more; not just read, but read with attention.

I have been inspired by my daughter, who loves to read and just completed her Bachelor's Degree in English. I am also inspired by my own literature course taken this past Spring. I read selections from a variety of authors, some of whom I liked and some of whom I didn't, but I enjoyed the analytical thought process I was forced to apply in order to get a grade. It is like exercise for the brain!

I didn't think I could do it at my age but I think there's some life left in my neurons, so now I am venturing out independently.

The first book of my new phase is Bleak House by Charles DickensMy daughter studied that one in a literature class and recommended it as a first go at Dickens.  Well, not really my first go, I did after all read Christmas Carol

I'll get some reading under my belt and maybe I'll blog a little about it.  So far it looks like a fun book.

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