Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Religion of Peace and Sharia

I've been wandering around the Internet this morning, picking up tidbits of news here and there.  One of the issues that rises to the top today is the proliferation of stories about "honor killing".  For those who may not know, honor killing occurs mainly in that middle-eastern religion that...umm...I dare not name for fear of insulting it!

I'm guessing it's not the number of honor killings that is increasing, just the awareness.  And America had better become aware before it's too late, because the radical Islamists are bringing it stealthily closer to us every day.

My point here is to call attention to one story, in which is seems obvious that the American legal system is caving in to this religion.  Please read this story (***warning***  there are graphic pictures of a violently killed person) and also read this one.  OH, and this one, about a 13-year old girl brutally attacked by her cousin.

It is happening over and over again, and the mainstream media simply will not report it. If they do, they gloss it over and blame emotion rather than ideology.  It is the result of people who adhere to the ideas of sharia.

Then, please go read about the Sharia here.  Then decide if you can really believe that allowing the incursion of sharia law into the United States is really something we want to do.



The Lonely Conservative said...

I wonder if Al Gore approves of this sort of population control.

beachbirdie said...

Good question :-)

I wonder what Algore thinks about jihadists turning to 8-year old girls into homicide bombers. Horrible thing but would he think like Scrooge, it reduces the "surplus population"?