Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Been A Long Time...

I am a little weary tonight.  I have now been at my  mom's house, 600 miles from home, for a month.  She has been in a "skilled nursing facility" for all this time, and we still do not have a good time-frame for her discharge.

I have been going over there every single day.  I am often there from morning until bedtime, leaving only to take one family member home and bring another.  My brother is here living in mom's house, and for a while my daughter (who is a certified nursing assistant) was with me; then my husband joined us and we all pitched in with the many needed tasks.  I had the eerie thought that it took only one of mom to raise 4 kids, it is taking 4 people to care for one mom...(sigh).  There must be something poetic in that.  My sister is unable to be here, she lives and works in Pennsylvania. 

My daughter left to go home last week, and my husband left this morning.  It is back to my brother and me trying to look after mom and her house.

The nursing staff is overworked, there are not enough people to manage the needs of the residents.  The food is gross.  It has been difficult to find out where things are that would help us take care of mom, and what services are available.  So, we have been doing a lot of her care ourselves.

She will need a lot of help when she gets home, and I would have moved her up with me but she has changed her mind and decided she wants to stay in her house.  It will require at least a half-time person to attend her.

I am discouraged, depressed, home-sick.  We could sure use the wisdom of Solomon right now!  Sure wish mom had long-term care insurance.

Well, enough whining.  I need to get some sleep so I can get up early and do mom's laundry before heading back to the rehab place.  If anyone is reading this, please say a prayer for us!  Our endurance is slipping.

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