Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Beer At The Bridge!

Having made a choice to live gluten-free, there are a few things that I miss a lot.  Hamburger and hot-dog buns are at the top of the list; beer is right up there too.

I stopped in at my local grocer on the way home from school this afternoon and after picking up my eggs at the back of the store I walked past the beer cooler.  I peruse the cooler regularly for a gluten-free beer I'd heard about.  Today I hit a double jackpot!  I won $7 in the Powerball lottery, and nestled in the cooler among the micro-brews was Red Bridge gluten-free sorghum beer!  I grabbed a six-pack and headed for the register.

Now most beer aficionados have said that none of the gluten-free beers are any good except this one, so I by-passed any attempt to find other brands.  Upon opening Red Bridge and taking my first sip, I was greatly and pleasantly surprised; Red Bridge tastes like real beer!

So if you love beer, have no problems with alcohol and are living gluten-free, go and find yourself some Red Bridge.  You'll be glad when you try it!  Remember the rule:  Drink responsibly, don't drink and drive!

I hope my store will keep this in stock forever!

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