Monday, August 15, 2011

Bunny Grab - The New Tyranny

The idea that Americans are facing unaccustomed tyranny is uncomfortable. There are many events involving law enforcement that seem innocuous to the casual observer, but as we hear more and more of them we must begin to see these not-so-isolated events as something serious.

Recall with me the raw-milk raids on the Amish. Then think back recently to the massive fines threatened against a small family who sold a few to many bunnies.

Now there is the raid on a Colorado bunny farm in which a woman's life-work was stolen because of an anonymous telephone call to authorities by a group whose mission is similar to liberate all animals to live "wild and free".

I got news for you animal rights wackos, "wild and free" is incredibly cruel. Watch a few nature documentaries and maybe you'll realize that captivity is a good thing.

Debe Bell of Six Bell's Farm has had her rabbits stolen from her by law enforcement, and those bunnies are now up for adoption at the Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden, Colorado. Ms. Bell has had no hearing, no trial, her property has simply been confiscated.

Wake up people! This cannot be allowed to stand! Does anyone care about freedom anymore?

Make some noise about this. It is simply wrong.

Thanks to Frugal Café Blog Zone and to Bob McCarty Writes for featuring this story. I haven't seen it anywhere else.



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Anonymous said...

lol, captivity is better than the wild? Why don't you live in a cage someone else controls when to open or close, then talk about the pros and cons of captivity.

Also, they are more than capable of protecting themselves. Bunnies aren't extinct.

beachbirdie said...

Bunnies survive because they are prolific. Not because they are smart. When you have 60 babies a year, some of them are bound to survive.

I wonder if you have a job. Isn't that the same as being in a cage?

In reality, though not behind bars, all of us dwell in self-imposed cages of one sort or another.