Monday, July 12, 2010

Seasons of Life

The turning of the year 2010 brought unwelcome news to my life.  My mom has been struggling for some time now with issues that severely impact her quality of life.  Some health issues have overtaken her, and some cognitive issues as well.  The memory and thought problems have robbed her of the ability to do a few things that she loves, and that give her peace and comfort.  She has always loved reading, and it is difficult for her to comprehend what she reads, and impossible as well for her to work on the crossword puzzles that keep her mind exercised.

She was in the hospital a couple of months ago with a serious infection, actually a life-threatening bout with sepsis.  A cascade of doctor visits and blood tests revealed anemia and other scary looking things.

Today was the latest in a chain of consultations, and the scariest of all.  Something in her blood is a marker for cancer and they are needing to do still more tests.  They also are going to do a CT scan because the hematologist thinks he knows what is causing the terrible edema in her legs.  I think it is myxedema (warning...grossness alert).

I am angry that the doctors have, so far, blown off the fact that some of her hormones are extremely low, almost to the point of being out of the range of normal.  When mine were like hers, I was very sick.  I know that part of her problem could be easily helped but the docs won't listen. It is for this reason many people begin treating themselves, to the chagrin of their doctors.  But what else can we do?  I am also angry that it is taking them so long to get anything done.  Mom has been having difficulty since last November.  Now, halfway through July, the docs have made a lot of money off my mom, but she still has NO answers.

I shouldn't be afraid, but I am.  I trust the Lord to keep His promises.  Nonetheless, with all the struggles and pain my mom has endured in life, and faced bravely and full of faith in our great God, I had hoped that the latter years of her life would be peaceful and joyous.  It doesn't look like that will be the case for her.  If anyone is reading this, please offer up a prayer for my mom, and for her doctors.

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