Tuesday, July 07, 2009


As I was checking out my hit counter I noticed my Christmas countdown. Only 170 days left until Christmas!

Being without income we didn't do gifts last Christmas; I made pajamas for everyone though. We had a lot of fun even without presents! Maybe I'll skip the Christmas shopping this year too! At least it will be a choice and not because I have to.


Bonna said...

Have you seen anything about Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping? I have sort of stopped doing the Christmas thing, aside from what I have time to make. I COULD buy stuff- but that would only detract from those pesky medical bills I should pay.

170 days? Meh.

-Sushi Thyroid

beachbirdie said...

Hi Bonna,

Thanks for stopping by!

I had never heard of the Church of Stop Shopping, so of course Googled it. Very interesting! I love the idea of radically simlifying, and doing business with small local folks.

I think we're going to make stuff again this year. I am learning to knit socks, my girls have said "you can never have too many fluffy socks to wear around the house!"