Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Young Mom Needs Help

Of the many blogs I read, one that has been especially fun for me is called Cooking 4 All Seasons . This blog by a young woman named Srivalli is about Indian cooking. My family has developed a love of Indian food prompted by my husband's close working relationship with some wonderful people from India, and I have learned so much reading Srivalli's blog!

I'm writing this little post to support Srivalli's effort to help the young mom who works in her home. What a blessing it would be to help this young mom get the heart surgery she so desperately needs. If anyone is actually reading here, please say a prayer for Lakshmi and her family, and if you are so moved maybe you can send a little help her way. Just click the link in the little box at the top left of my page.

(Edit added October 12, 2008: I've removed the link, the fundraiser now over. About half the needed funds were collected.)

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