Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Willow Creek Hosting Mystical Youth Conference?

Watcher's Lamp: Willow Creek's Emergent & Mystical Youth Conference

This event reveals the disturbing influence of "emergent" thought upon the church (meaning the "body of Christ on earth"). Brian McLaren will be a keynote speaker at the conference, a man who seems to side-step the substitutionary atonement of Christ and instead espouses a gospel of works.

I hope anyone reading this little blog will do a little research and find out for themselves just what McLaren, Rob Bell, and others are really teaching.

Why on earth is the church accepting Eastern mysticism in its midst? Why are such notables as Bill Hybels welcoming this move? Don't they remember the warnings to the early Christians? Check out 2 Corinthians 6:13-15.


Watcher's Lamp said...


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Scott said...

Followed your name over here from Thanks for participating in the Book read!

Just last week I watched a Nooma Video called Bullhorn Guy with my son. When we finished that he showed me another video parodying the same called, Bullwhip Guy. Very well done - and really good at exposing the nonsense of Bullhorn Guy.

We also watched another Nooma Video called Dust where we are told that Jesus believes in us and therefore we need to believe in ourselves. Lack of faith in himself is what caused Peter to sink when walking on the water towards Jesus.

Just a couple of examples or emergent teaching by Rob Bell.


beachbirdie said...

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I have only seen one Nooma. My former church screened "Rain". I also read Bell's book "Velvet Elvis."

It is indeed frightening that the church is lapping up this stuff.

Scott said...

I received this in my email yesterday. It is a link to bullwhip guy the parody of Rob Bell's Nooma video, Bullhorn guy. In case you are interested.

I’m reading Piper’s response to N.T. Wright called the Future of Justification. Piper is clear to state that Wright is not under the curse leveled in Gal 1.8-9. As I read Piper’s book it is difficult for me to understand why Wright is not standing on extreme dangerous ground of preaching another gospel, and of forcing outside sources upon scripture in order to interpret scripture. I bring this up because, I believe that the Emergent movement is very much enjoying Wright’s new definitions of justification and the gospel. I could kind of hear that (not exactly but in a way-of-seeing-things-and-explaining-them) in a recent interview between Doug Paggitt and Todd Friel.